About Brooke

Blog Established April 2017

Brooke is a fashion photographer and stylist who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing in December 2018. Working as a brand manager is her ultimate career goal. The fashionista finds an empowering creative outlet in fashion and hopes to inspire everyday confidence through sharing her style and vision. Brooke believes that style should be attainable to all and is not dependent on unlimited funds. In her experience, shopping is like a sport. The goal—discover a great deal or a serendipitous piece made just for her. While this is Brooke's first blog, she has contributed to several fashion publications including College Fashionista and Moda Magazine. As she pursues her creative endeavors, Brooke aims to share quality content through fashion and photography as a glimpse into her elegant yet eclectic eye for style.

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