How to Style Festive yet Fashionable Halloween Looks

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Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but I'll never pass up a good opportunity to dress up. Instead of spending money on cheesy store-bought costumes, I prefer the challenge of composing my looks from things I already own. This season, I've been increasingly inspired by the mod fashion stylings of the 1960s, so vintage-inspired pieces from my closet paired with dramatic eye makeup made for a festive yet chic ensemble. In honor of the holiday, I'm sharing a few tips for styling festive yet fashionable Halloween looks.  

1. Look to the past for inspiration. Some of my favorite Halloween costumes were inspired by iconic fashion decades including the '20s, '60s, and '70s. Going for a retro look is also a great excuse to rummage through vintage family collections and second-hand stores for hidden treasures. 

2. Make a mood board on Pinterest, and take a second look at your existing wardrobe. Once you establish a creative direction, you'll be surprised with how many ways you can reimagine seemingly ordinary items. 

3. Hair and makeup can make a world of difference. This year, I based my makeup off of '60s supermodel, Twiggy, but you can find tutorials on beauty looks from just about any decade or any costume, for that matter. 

4. Have fun with it! My favorite aspect of styling my Halloween costume is that the resulting look is unique to me. I won't walk into a party looking identical to half the people there, and better yet, I didn't spend a cent on this year's outfit.   

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips for styling festive yet fashionable Halloween looks. Thank you for stopping by, and Happy Halloween!

xx Brooke

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