Color Craze: Golden Yellow & Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

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As many of you know, color is not my forte. Instead, I gravitate towards unique silhouettes and textures to make a statement. However, my style is constantly evolving, and I couldn't resist this golden-yellow blouse while Black Friday shopping this past weekend (it's on sale for under $30!). During the summer, I took a day-trip to Chicago's Magnificent Mile, and this color was everywhere; I understand why! When I play with color, I usually choose more muted tones like blush pink, maroon, or army green with the exception of bright red. I've been really into this mustard hue lately, as it is neutral enough to match with the majority of my existing wardrobe, yet bold enough to stand out.  

In addition to my ever-evolving style, I've altered my Instagram aesthetic and editing techniques in the past month. After experimenting with different filters and photography styles over the years, I'm currently favoring moody, underexposed, shots with warm tones and muted colors. To begin, I edit my photos with Lightroom using VSCO Film Pack 05. One of my favorite presets in the pack is Kodak Gold 200 Warm +, since it gives my photos a warm, nostalgic, feel. Once I am happy with my Lightroom edits, I transfer my favorite shots to my phone and add a light filter to achieve a cohesive feed. Recently, I've been using the M5 filter in the VSCO app to unify my aesthetic. In addition to Lightroom, I've been having fun with layering in Photoshop to create editorial-inspired compositions. These layered edits add context and dimension to images, as well as help avoid the dreaded Instagram crop when you want to show off those killer shoes in your outfit of the day.

Another evolving element of my content is that I've been using a tripod to capture the majority of my recent images. Though I still prefer the fun of planning photo shoots with friends, my tripod has been essential in producing consistent content on Instagram. I currently use a Canon Rebel T6 with Wifi capabilities and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. This function connects my camera to an app on my phone that shows me the image in the lens frame. Using the Canon app, I can adjust my camera settings, capture images when I am ready, and view the resulting shots instantaneously on my phone. It takes a little getting used to, but using a tripod is a great way to build up content if you don't have someone to take your photos for you. 

In less than two months, I will be moving to Milan, Italy for the spring semester, and I can hardly wait for all of the photo opportunities I'll encounter while traveling! Photography is one of my main outlets of creativity, and I can't wait to capture beautiful memories of my European adventures. While, I see how my excessive self-portraiture can come off as vain (trust me, I know that I'm far from model material), there's no shame in self-love and celebration.

In all likeliness, my interest in photography stems from my mom's obsession with capturing family milestones when my brothers and I were young. Now, as a young adult, photographs play a big part in holding onto her memory, and she would be proud to know that I'm carrying on the tradition of testing my brothers' patience during holiday photoshoots (coming soon). 

Thank you for bearing with me for this excessively long post, and have a wonderful holiday season!

xx Brooke   

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