Summer Essentials: The Little White Dress

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The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, so I couldn't wait to wear this lovely white eyelet dress by Ralph Lauren. Something about the cut and fabric scream summer to me, and I could definitely picture myself wearing something similar in Italy, where I plan to study abroad this upcoming spring.

My second favorite part of this look is my DIY pom pom purse. I have been loving the basket bag trend for the summer, but didn't want to splurge on a piece that I wouldn't be able to wear into the fall. Finding this bag at a local thrift store was the perfect solution! Though I love the simple texture and color of the bag as is, I decided to spruce it up by making three pom poms out of yarn and sewing them to the top. Though I love purchasing new items as much as anyone, I have been super into repurposing used pieces lately whether it be bringing out my grandma's vintage designer purses or doing a simple DIY like this one. In my opinion, the best looks tell stories. What better way to tell a story than to incorporate a piece with a past? 



P.S. This shoot was extra fun because I took some pictures of my beautiful friends as well! Keep an eye out for a lifestyle post featuring some of my favorite shots from our Milwaukee outing!  

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