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Growing up in the Midwest, there wasn't much of a fashion scene in my day to day life. Instead, I gained inspiration from perusing fashion magazines, studying Youtube tutorials, and emulating the street style looks of my favorite celebrities. Though in high school, my carefully composed outfits allowed me to stand out from the crowd, I often felt a sense of competition with my style conscious peers. No matter how hard I tried to reach my ideal self, I came to the realization that there would always be someone more successful, more interesting, and more stylish than me. This unavoidable reality was a big insecurity of mine in my early high school years. Thankfully, as I matured, I gained some perspective on this outlook.

Sure, I can't always be the absolute best at what I do, but that doesn't diminish the validity of my unique experience. Every individual brings something different to the table, and that is exactly why celebrating and supporting one another is far more powerful than trying to edge out the competition. As I became more comfortable in my own skin, I realized that my fellow fashionistas could be my biggest allies rather than intimidating opponents. It's so cool and empowering to see other strong women thriving in their elements. These days, I live by a quote brought to my attention by my friend Reilly; "Admire other people's beauty without questioning your own."  

Today, I'm so excited to support local girl bosses over at Latico Leathers! Latico is a leather goods company founded in New Jersey that specializes in high quality, thoughtfully-crafted handbags. Liv Schreiber, a student at UW-Madison, helps run the family-owned company out of its New York showroom along a team of fabulous interns. This summer, my good friend Reilly has had the opportunity to intern for the company's social media department, and from these photos, it looks like she's having a wonderful time exploring New York City.

Lately, I've been much more appreciative of accessories and the power of an awesome bag. Though I can usually get away with wearing more affordable styles in items like shirts and dresses, a great way to make your outfits look more expensive is to invest in a premium quality handbag. These bags do a great job of marrying fashion, function, and quality! Whether you're in the market for an everyday backpack, or a statement cross-body, Latico has a gorgeous and unique bag for you. Plus, you can use the promo code REILLY at checkout to get 15% off your next purchase!

Like most creatives, I am my own biggest critic, so it's always a good reminder that you don't need to be the best to be great and that cheering others on can make the journey a lot more fun along the way.

Have a wonderful week, and happy shopping!

xx Brooke

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Photography & Handbags: Latico Leathers

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