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Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about attending Fashion Week. Before the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, I remember google searching how to style (insert trend here) and re-working my wardrobe to emulate the eccentric yet chic street stylings of fashion's VIP. Fashion is a living, breathing, art form, and I am constantly inspired by the designers who work tirelessly to bring beautiful collections to life. Though Milwaukee is no fashion capital, I feel beyond blessed to have been able attend this year's event VIP style courtesy of Wantable and participate in growing the local fashion community.

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Wantable is a Milwaukee based company that aims to help people discover amazing products with the convenience of personal styling services delivered directly to your home. To start off, you complete a comprehensive styling quiz, and a Wantable stylist selects five to eight items to send in a personalized style edit. Once you receive your style edit, you'll have five days to decide which items to keep and which to send back. You'll only be billed for the items you end up keeping, and the $20 styling fee applies towards your total purchase.

Before my experience with Wantable, I had never tried anything like it, so I was nervous yet excited to receive my style edit for my MFW look. I'm pretty tactile when it comes to editing my wardrobe, so I usually prefer to shop in stores as opposed to online. I'm also quite particular about the styles of the pieces I choose, so surrendering creative control was somewhat daunting at first. However, my favorite aspect of the experience ended up being the challenge of styling a finished look starting with a few basic pieces.

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Out of the eight pieces my stylist selected for me, I ended up keeping a pair of comfy cropped denim by Mavi Jeans and a feminine lace-trim blouse by Free People. I paired these wardrobe staples with an oversized plaid blazer, white pointed toe booties, a classic black beret, and my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag for an edgy, vintage-inspired look. I ordered the boots and blazer online just days before the event, so I didn't finalize my outfit until the night before, but I'm so happy with how it turned out! To me, this look embodies a perfect balance between timeless and trendy, and I felt like a true fashion influencer.

You can shop my entire look by clicking on the linked images below! 

While I didn't like every item my stylist sent me, I loved that the experience challenged me to work with pieces that I might not pick out for myself. Trying Wantable's styling service was a good reminder to step out of my comfort zone and push my fashion boundaries, especially when I'm feeling uninspired. Overall, I would recommend Wantable as a fun way to reimagine your wardrobe, since you may not receive exactly what you are expecting. To me, the mystery was half the fun! As far as convenience, the process was seamless from beginning to end, and returning items was very simple.

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The night of the show, my friend Geordon and I arrived about an hour early to do a fun street style photo shoot before the night's festivities began. Admittedly, wearing a jacket, hat, and denim in ninety degree heat was less than comfortable, but I was determined to get the moody fall shots that I had envisioned (#doitforthegram). Shout out to Geordon for being such a trooper to bring my creative vision to life! After about an hour of taking photos, we were both sweating profusely, so we decided to head into the venue to cool down. Fashion Week took place at the Milwaukee Athletic Club, a beautiful historic building in the heart of the city.

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One of my favorite parts of the show was running into some of my fellow Milwaukee fashion influencers including Georgia Arnold of Gloss & Harbour and Madalyn Manzeck of Madalyn Joy Designs! Though Milwaukee is far from synonymous with the fashion industry, a niche community of retailers, designers, models, and influencers came together to put on a uniquely enchanting and inspired event.   

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Since I alternated between taking pictures and getting video footage during the show, I wasn't able to capture all of my favorite looks in photographs, but you can get a better feel for the designer collections in my video launching this week! Some of my favorites included the stunningly chic, textured stylings of Sarah Lauren Fashion, hopelessly romantic gowns by Jordan Weber, and modern musings with strong lines and unexpected fabrics by GiDi. I was completely in awe of the designer talent at this year's show, and the front row runway experience left me eager for more! Milan Fashion Week 2018? A girl can dream.

I launched my blog this past April with the goal of building a visual portfolio, and I'm incredibly proud of how much I've grown since then. As an introvert, I've never seen myself as extraordinarily outgoing or entrepreneurial in the past, but curating my personal brand motivates me to dream bigger and bolder for a future in fashion. I'm no model, my photography continually calls for improvement, and my aesthetic is constantly evolving, but I am learning so much and having a bit of fun along the way! Thank you to Wantable for the chicest style edit and for treating me to such an inspiring event! As far as fashion weeks go, this is just the beginning.   

xx Brooke

Unfortunately, I had to postpone launching my latest video, but it will be live by the end of the week!

Photo Credit: Geordon Wollner

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