Finding Home

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I have found that as a college student, I don't fully belong any single place. When I'm in my hometown, I miss my friends from Madison and the independence of living on my own. When I'm at college, I miss my family and the people I keep in touch with from high school. Therefore, home isn't really one particular place anymore, but a cumulation of relationships and memories in many different places. As we move constantly, experience new environments and grow as individuals, we find home in moments of perfect imperfection with the people we love. 

In high school, it took me a couple of years to find my crowd. I've always been pretty introverted, so letting people in can be a real challenge. Since clothing has always been my armor of confidence,  projecting a polished image can sometimes come off as intimidating and aloof. Though my blog displays the most picturesque parts of my life, I am far from perfect. Creating editorial inspired content is an art that I am so passionate about, but it isn't real life, and it isn't meant to be! I'm so grateful that my closest friends have broken down my tough exterior to know the silly, sarcastic, loyal, passionate, and loving person I truly am. Friendships require a lot of work and mutual effort, and I wouldn't trade these people for the world. 

My friends are so supportive of me, so I wanted to showcase their personalities and make them feel beautiful through a fun photo shoot downtown. These individuals are intelligent, passionate, brave, caring, humorous, and all-around good people. Whether we're enjoying our annual road trips or just hanging out, we always share some good laughs. Though we now spend most of the year apart, I find a sense of home whenever we are together. For this, I cannot thank them enough. 



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