A Midsummer Night's Garden Party With Madalyn Joy Designs

What can I say? This event was as dreamy as it looked! From the fashion to the food, Madalyn Joy & La Tulipe's Midsummer Night's Garden Party was one of the highlights of my summer.  

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Can you say party goals? The event started out with about an hour of mingling over sweet treats and bubbly drinks. Every aspect of the decorations was immaculately planned. From precious pastries to perfectly placed floral arrangements, the aesthetics of the event were a blogger's dream. Not to mention, the food tasted as delicious as it looked! 

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Then, came a brief fashion show featuring Madalyn Joy's recently debuted "Blanc Collection" which included lovely lace, flowing fabrics, and a tulle skirt that could make even a Victoria's Secret Angel swoon. Before I first came in contact with Madalyn, I had never given much thought to lingerie. I considered it something we wear underneath clothing to conceal what we don't want the rest of the world to see. Following Madalyn's social media presence over the past couple of months and seeing this collection in person made me realize the power these gorgeous garments have to make women feel like their most beautiful selves. Each of the models looked absolutely stunning, and from their radiant energy, I could tell that they felt as beautiful as they looked. 

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After the show, we had time for more socializing and photo opportunities. One of the best parts of attending the event was experiencing it all with my close friend, Meredith. As we introduced ourselves to local bloggers and friends of Madalyn's, Meredith described herself as my "entourage", taking photos, holding my things, and cheering me on wherever I went. She even gave me a small gift before the party to celebrate my ventures in the fashion industry: a charming name plate that reads "fashionista at work". I am so blessed to have her around! Plus, how amazing does she look in this beautiful off the shoulder dress? 

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I was so excited to finally meet Madalyn of Madalyn Joy Designs and a number of local bloggers at the event. Madalyn has been so kind and gracious to me since reaching out a couple of months ago, and I am beyond excited to collaborate on future projects together! I am completely in awe of her sheer talent and elegant eye for design, and she is such a sweet and inspiring individual. I also had the pleasure to meet several bloggers from the Milwaukee area. It was so cool to feel a sense of community with other fashion enthusiasts like me. I am definitely hoping to interact with this community more in the future!

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Lastly, I absolutely loved my look for the event! This black and white lace romper felt perfect for the whimsical essence of the evening. I kept the accessories simple and chic with a white Coach bag, cap toe slingbacks, and black spiral earrings. It's amazing how the right look can totally boost your confidence.

Madalyn Joy and La Tulipe's Midsummer Night's Garden Party was certainly one to remember! I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I'm so glad I put myself out there. It was so inspiring to see so many elegant, talented woman coming together to support one another. Needless to say, I'm excited to see what the future brings. 

xx Brooke

Designs: Madalyn Joy Designs

Floral Arrangements: La Tulipe Designs

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