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The past three years, my high school friends and I have road tripped to seemingly random B-list cities to reminisce and reconnect before heading back to our respective universities. The tradition started with my friend Emily's love of all things Lincoln. In an effort to fulfill her dreams of seeing the esteemed president's hometown, the four of us accompanied her on a day-trip to Springfield, Illinois. Going into the day, none of us knew what to expect. Despite the ordinary nature of the location, I recall those memories as some of our best and most hilarious times together. 

This year, we upgraded from a barn-themed motel room in Dubuque to a luxury home in Louisville courtesy of generous relatives, and I have absolutely no regrets. The nature of this year's trip was much more relaxed in comparison to the years prior. Sunset boat rides down the river and morning lattes on the porch replaced packed itineraries and awkward yet endearing city tours. I have had the privilege to travel to many beautiful places, and while I can't deny my lust for the romance of European adventures, I have realized that surrounding myself with good people can create "perfect places" in the midst of relative mediocrity. 

For example, Madison, Wisconsin, my home for the upcoming semester, certainly isn't my dream city (the university doesn't have a specific program for fashion-business), but I have found my niche in a community of individuals who share my passion for fashion and creative direction. As cliche as it sounds, the people really do make the place, and I'm so blessed to have connected with wonderful people wherever I call home.

Our little trip to Louisville was the perfect way to end the summer. Here's to the years to come!

xx Brooke

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